Brand Introduction

Passion, Impact, and Innovation are the spirit of Neo Land. We have not only a comprehensive understanding of customers in the market, but also a precise cognition of trends. Neo Land is ready to make an impact, and to develop sustainability.

Our Vision

To become the leading brand in the industry, Neo Land creates a variety of leisure and entertaining games of the highest quality.
Through the effort and value of sustainable development, Neo Land is able to achieve rapid business expansion with rich experience and active collaboration.
Seizing the future, Neo Land keeps updated with core technologies, enlarging the market and meeting the various needs of the customers.

Our Team

By teaming up a professional team that thinks outside the box and exhibits innovative spirit, we execute with the highest efficiency to develop game products that meet the market needs, specifically to each client. We will become your ultimate support to your business.

Game Design

To satisfy the needs and habits of gamers, we have developed more than one hundred unique themed games through the use of the HTML5 engine. Features including numerical cores, random RNG, and stable servers are applied to evoke the inner pleasure of games, thereby offering gamers excellent gaming experiences.

Art Design

With prosperous experiences and acute insight into art, our art team will accurately grasp the style trends. Using visuals to convey unique game themes and stories, we create exclusive and sophisticated characters, scenes, UI, and color aesthetics for each game, thereby offering rich visual fulfillment to gamers.

Sound Design

Neo Land pays explicit attention to the soundtrack and sound design. The original background soundtrack creates atmospheric mood imagery that fits the theme of the story, thus giving the gamers the ultimate gaming experience. Furthermore, by the various elaborated sound effects and sound design, gamers are effortlessly guided to understand the various information and playing methods in the game, which strengthens the interaction between the game and gamers.

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